lynne spears is not a happy camper!

ok so here we go for a few posts on some stuff to be hitting STAR magazine this week…first up is britney spears and it seems things just aren’t going as planned – brit is rumored to be giving birth to a baby girl on or around sept 20th – from what i’ve read this second baby certainly wasn’t a planned pregnancy and although mom lynne spears is happy to have another grandchild but she thinks the timing and the man are all way off base…lynne has been pushing britney to leave kevin since last year. she told britney not to have a second child as a way of fixing a broken marriage. And she’s worried about what the new baby means for britney’s career, too! a source told STAR – oh this sounds like a totally fun situation! oh man i would love to see mom & kfed have it out – drama! ok so let’s plan for britney her next few steps…she needs to have this baby then dump kevin’s ass and finally move onto picking up the pieces of her career & workin’ it! jeez no wonder britney dropped the news on letterman – she probably thought it would cheer her up! popbytes out on britney for now…chin up ms. spears…we all still love ya – xxoo!

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