TelevisionBytes: Mad Men’s season four comes to a close!

The long wait begins. Mad Men concluded its fourth season with a surprise or two that certainly left the audience buzzing. First and foremost was Don Draper‘s new and improbable engagement. No, not to his main squeeze Dr. Faye. Don’s heart was instead stolen by his charming French Canadian secretary Megan, who seemed to be a perfect fit with his kids after she joined the family Draper on a trip to California. Sweet, smart, patient, and, well, hot, it was no wonder that Don fell for her. And so after realizing that Megan was the woman he truly wanted to be with, Don popped the question to her (conveniently, he just so happened to have had an engagement ring on hand — long story).

This was all well and good, and the men of Sterling Cooper Draper Price all congratulated their partner heartily. Even Roger — no stranger to dipping his pen in the company ink — had kind words for Don, even despite enduring a few years of Don’s disdain after having married a secretary as well. Clearly, there was some inner “I told you so” going on.

Meanwhile, all of Don’s romantic news overshadowed the real accomplishments of Peggy, who brought in the firm’s first new business since Lucky Strike abandoned ship. This culminated in Peggy commiserating with Joan about the boys club of their office — an ever present theme throughout the series’ run, and one that seems to be on the verge of exploding.

Turns out Peggy and Joan not only share more than a mutual bond for their hard work going unrecognized. They both are now members of the Office Pregnancy club. Peggy famously gave birth to Pete Campbell‘s baby secretly at the end of season one. Now Joan appears to be knocked up by Roger, but she’s passing the baby off as the spawn of her Vietnam-based husband. No good can come of this situation.

Sadly, we’ll have to wait nine more months to see how it all shakes out. Can we last that long? I’m not sure.

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