Forgot to mention this went off without a hitch – she is great – looked great – its amazing the changes in her…..and not too much on that KISS…and gosh i still remember buying LIKE A VIRGIN when i was like 7 on vinyl – i still have it – its like mind blowing – and before AMERICAN LIFE was released – i was kinda down on her…but she is back in popbytes graces…did get to see hubby guy ritchie give a speech at the kaballah center here in LA….and you know what — if you havent seen SWEPT AWAY – just rent it – i was expecting trash – no its not great – but enjoyable….better than expected…trust me lowered expectations are the way to view most anything….i was so pumped – i mean pumped when i saw PULP FICTION back in 94 – i saw it at the tail end of its run – and its a great film – but at the time – i was disappointed…lower yr expectations – i think life is in general better like that…i dont need millions – i just need a nice house with a backyard for my dogs! and maybe a PORSCHE (i have become such a car whore since moving here – i just love em) BUT thats it…. :)

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