marcia cross – a lesbian?

oh my mom just heard this tidbit at the end of ‘good day live’ – and methinks it may be true – marcia cross aka ‘bree van de kamp’ on the smash-hit ‘desperate housewives’ may be coming out of the ‘closet’ in real life as a full on ‘sister’ (or lesbian whichever you prefer!) it doesn’t shock me at all – she hadn’t been linked to any guys that i know of (but that doesn’t mean anything really) – and it just seems to make sense to me (she is for sure a very stylish lesbian!) – all this as ABC gears up for sweeps this spring – and word is a character is supposed to come of of the closet on the ‘desperate housewives’ – and the rumor is that it is bree’s son on the show the pot-smoking andrew (played by shawn pyfrom). – so one coming out in real life – and another on tv – i so love it when life imitates art – you go marcia cross! any more news on this – and you will all be the first to hear it! i hear there may be a cover story on the queer magazine ‘the advocate’ – so stay tuned!

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