Marilyn Manson and Lindsay: Co-Stars?!

Marilyn Manson and Lindsay Lohan

While Lindsay Lohan is still in talks to star in the upcoming Charles Manson bio-pic, another Manson is reportedly circling the project: Marilyn Manson. Yeah, it turns out Marilyn is apparently interested in taking the role of Charles’ closest … employee? Is that an appropriate thing to call him? Anyway, he wants to play Tex Watson, who killed Sharon Tate.

Sources connected with the movie tell us, Marilyn approached director Tyler Shields about playing Charles Manson’s right-hand man Tex Watson … who was convicted of several Manson murders, including the death of Sharon Tate. As we first reported, producers are currently considering Lindsay for the role of Sharon … but Lindsay hasn’t officially signed on just yet. According to sources, producers “love the idea” of casting Marilyn as Tex … and are seriously considering the proposition. SOURCE

How perfect would it be for Marilyn to play one of Charles Manson’s cohorts? It’s so perfect! I mean, he’s creepy, he’s intelligent, hell, his last name is even Manson! What an incredible coincidence … what do you mean he actually named himself after Charles Manson? Why the fuck would anyone do that? Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with him? Actually, never mind that makes him even better for the role. Carry on!

Marilyn Manson and Lindsay Lohan

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