Marina and the Diamonds: Fear and Loathing

Marina and The Diamonds - Fear and Loathing - Part One

OMG! This totally made my day! A new song / music video from one of my top obsessions, Marina and The Diamonds! It’s called Fear and Loathing, the first part of Electra Heart: The Start, which I assume has something to do with her new album, hopefully dropping this fall. I totally wore out her debut album, The Family Jewels, it’s a truly fantastic album. This track is beyond incredible, I’m super excited to hear more! The second part is due to be released next Monday. I had the opportunity to interview Marina last year in person, you can watch it here in case you missed it, she was lovely, and is truly talented.

“Fear And Loathing”

Electra Heart embodies the lies, illusions and death of an American Dream.

“Part 1” is called “Fear And Loathing”. This includes a preview of an album track, under same title.

“Part 2” will be posted on this same page next Monday at 4pm.

Nice to be back,

Directed by Caspar Balslev

Marina and The Diamonds - Fear and Loathing - Part One

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