Mary-Lousie Parker bares (almost) all for ‘Weeds’

ok i’ve got one last post for tonight – it’s mary-louise parker baring her ass in a sexy ‘centerfold’ promoting the upcoming 3rd season of weeds premiering over on showtime august 13th! (surprisingly there’s one animal i do loathe…oh yes snakes make my skin crawl but the larger ones don’t bother me as much as the smaller ones…) i’m not sure if that’s really ms. parker’s ass (it could be…) ‘but’ whoever it belongs to – they’ve got a totally cute & firm ass! currently i’m plowing through the second season of weeds – it’s a great show! mary-louise is such an incredible actress – they’re lucky to have her heading up the cast of this show! (plus i do love to have a toke of sweet ‘mary jane’ now & then!) popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo!

PS yes i might label this post as ‘not safe for work’ but it’s pretty tame – it’s kinda like art (at least that’s what you can tell your boss!)