Mashup Of The Week: Stop Me Cruising

Stop Me Cruising

Well, it’s official: Summer 2011 is finally here! And nothing brings to mind images of sun, surf, and sand like a good reggae tune. Which would be the Rootical Radical Crew. But what happens if ya put Morrissey and his fellow pasty-white Brits of The Smiths on the beach? Either a wicked sunburn, or this smooth ‘n relaxing blend, courtesy of Paris’ Chocomang, who makes his debut here on PopBytes! I believe the Brits call something like this Brilliant! – while the rastafarians would say it’s Irie! Me, I say it’s both, mon!

Download Chocomang‘s Stop Me Cruising
[.mp3 / 5.7mb]

Enjoy — DJ Paul V.

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