mel gibson is so cooked!

oh man that mel gibson is so cooked like an overdone turkey on thanksgiving…the whole incident is just disgusting – i have never been a fan of his and this certainly seals that deal! what a loser and i seriously think this is really going to hurt his career big-time…it was already hurting with his lame ‘passion’ project (which was an awful movie but for some reason made a lot of money – oh those movie-going christians) and this latest mess is just adding heaps of fuel to the fire/inferno…just have a look around the web & the blogs – he should totally be packing his bags! what do you all think?

recent mel headlines…
gibson ‘ashamed’ about his behavior
will disney desert mel gibson for his mistake?
crossing this line could cost him deals
in any language, gibson is a real schmuck
mel gibson sorry for drunk driving, not for hating jews
mel gibson: hate speech sets hollywood abuzz…and the list goes on…

synonyms (for mel) bankrupt, consumed, devastated, done, done for, drained, empty, exhausted, gone, liquidated, played out, ruined, spent, through, undone, washed up, wiped out, wrecked

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