meryl streep totally shines in ‘mamma mia!’

hey kids! i seriously cannot pass up any movie musicals – even if i think it might be awful – that’s why i took myself to an early morning showing of mamma mia! over at arclight cinemas (i made sure to pick a seat in the back) and i must say it’s not the best flick ever but it was pretty enjoyable overall – i especially loved meryl streep (without her the movie would blow) who isn’t the best singer around but she’s a complete joy to watch up on the silver screen! (the only truly painful moment was when ms. streep sings ‘the winner takes it all’ which seemed to last forever…) i also really liked christine baranski & julie waters who played ms. streep’s friends from the past (and kudos to amanda seyfried – the best vocalist in the movie) the guys were ok as well but i think pierce brosnan shouldn’t be allowed to sing anymore – he’s charming and all that jazz but vocally – not so great! in the end i’d say if you wanted to see this movie you should totally go but i wouldn’t talk anyone into seeing it and although i enjoyed myself i doubt you’ll catch me anytime soon watching the stage version of the musical – one time around with mamma mia! was enough! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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