metallica vs bryan adams – mashup!

good morning! here’s the latest mashup selection from my pal DJ paul v. which takes on metallica (who are returning with a new album this year) and canadian rocker bryan adams…two elements you might not think to put together but this mashup actually works quite well – have a listen for yourself below! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo


This week let’s rock out a little, shall we? I’d mentioned the 90’s revival a few weeks ago, and Metallica definitely falls into that category. And since the 80’s revival is practically a never-ending story – hey, someone mashup Limahl, eh? – here’s a pastiche of both eras. You get the angry-dude vocals from James Hetfield, set to the fun, rock radio pop of Bryan Adams‘ ‘Run To You,’ and it’s amazing how similar the chords and melody work within each other. This comes courtesy of Australia’s Wax Audio. Good on ya, mate! Peruse his website to check out some of his politically themed mixes, too.

Listen to Wax Audio – Enter You [.mp3 8mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

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