michael jackson wants to be immortalized…

…in plastic! good morning – and yes you heard me right – the former king of pop michael jackson is rumored to be interested in having his body donated to dr. gunther von hagens – who is in charge of that whole creepy & disturbing body worlds exhibit – apparently mr. jackson wants to be plastinated after his death and put on display for the whole world to see! it turns out that during his attempted comeback shows in london – the eerie exhibit will still be on display at the O2 arena – the same place mr. jackson happens to be playing! we all know he’s a bit on the eccentric side but this seems way out of control! but at this point – we know when it comes to michael jackson to expect the unexpected – this would just be the final (everlasting) chapter in his very bizarre life (maybe he should get his nose plastinated now so it doesn’t fall off!) popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

A source said: “Michael has always been fascinated by new technologies which allow humans to cheat ageing, death and decomposition. Dr Von Hagens has found a way to avoid the last of these and Michael naturally regards it as one of the major scientific breakthroughs in recent history. He’s definitely up for undergoing the procedure when the time comes. He’s also convinced there is an uncanny affinity between the two men – both are regarded as eccentrics, both are famous for wearing fedoras and both are at the O2 at the same time.” SOURCE

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