It’s the return of Michael Lohan: Vagina kicker!

Michael Lohan and Kate Major

You know how celebrity deaths always seem to happen in threes? Well apparently, same goes for stories about violent, woman-beating men (See: Brown, Chris and Sheen, Charlie) because now stories are surfacing about how Michael Lohan was arrested last night for (wait for it … ) violent abusing his ex-girlfriend, Kate Major. Which is totally surprising until you realize that this is the same man who was accused of kicking one of his other ex-girlfriends in the vagina, so clearly, this is completely within his wheelhouse.

We’re told Michael became upset that Kate was packing up for good, and “went ballistic.”  They started arguing, and Kate turned her back on him.  She told cops, Michael then grabbed her and threw her across the room.  Kate says she struck the bedpost with her left shoulder. Kate claims she threatened to call the cops, and then Michael allegedly took a towel and began choking her.  She also claims Michael then threatened to cut himself with a razor blade and tell cops she did it — if she called police. SOURCE

Not to stereotype based solely on the most visibly misogynistic celebrities out there, but … yeah, if someone is accused of beating one of their ex-partners, do not date them because chances are they will abuse you too. Seriously, I hate to say it, but based on personal evidence as well as the gigantic pile of evidence that the rest of these assholes just keep contributing too, I think it’s pretty much safe to say that if someone is an abuser, they will always be an abuser, and you’re better off not getting involved with them.

Michael Lohan and Kate Major

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