michael m does the beat – so hot!

hey boys & girls! i am thrilled it’s friday and to make the day extra special below find the radio mix of michael m‘s new hot dance single the beat – a totally smokin’ song that even contains a classic MJ guitar riff…you will know it as soon as you hear it – so please have a listen! the entire single full of dope extended remixes is due to be released may 1…more information can be found over at amplituderecordings.com where you can also pre-order the single! a huge special thanks to our dear mr. michael for letting me share his new track with you here on popbytes! i know you guys will enjoy it – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

» listen to michael m’s the beat (.mp3 4.1mb)

Michael M is back with a HUGE follow up to “Dear Diary.” His latest offering, “The Beat” flows like the next chapter in his auto-biographical disco diary. “Catchy,” “Infectious,” and “You guys have a definite hit here” are just some of the initial reactions to the next sequel in Michael’s come-back career. A variety of mixes include The ultra-hot Da Freeks fusion of House, Electro and Rock with a classic MJ guitar riff is sure to be a crowd pleaser for any room. On the Tribal side, Trendroid covers all the bases with a sub-woofer punishing, dark, percussive big-room mix. For the radio and mix-show jocks, there’s also a variety of alternate mixes guaranteed to please pop, electro and house music followers. Listen just a couple times… it’ll get stuck in your head!

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