Miley Cyrus dressed up as (1999) Lil’ Kim for Halloween

Ever since Miley Cyrus reinvented herself as a porn-and-weed-loving-twerk-tonguing-baby, she’s been talking a lot about how she loves Lil’ Kim and she was secretly Lil’ Kim in a past life and one day she will behead her in The Quickening and absorb her power and knowledge because THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Anyway, Miley decided to go out as Lil’ Kim for Halloween, and in case you’re wondering: Old Lil’ Kim (circa the 1999 MTV VMAs), not the new Lil’ Kim with the weird cat face. Seriously, what happened there? (Wow, I said Lil’ Kim a lot in this post, didn’t I?)

Miley Cyrus as Lil' Kim

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