Yes, Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King did porn!

Melissa King Porno

Donald Trump and Melissa King

Normally, we don’t write about random people, but for some reason the web is collectively freaking out over Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King being dethroned for doing porn, so we might as well talk about it. Anyway, after being dethroned this morning, she’s already being offered a cushy gig and plenty of money over the sex tape scandal. Via TMZ

As we reported, 18-year-old Melissa King resigned yesterday after a porno surfaced that allegedly featured King doing the dirty … just months before she won the title last November. Now, porn giant wants to compensate her for the unfortunate situation — offering to crown King the first ever “Miss YouPorn” and pay her $250,000 to tour the world promoting the website. Funny enough, YouPorn’s offer — which was submitted to King yesterday — doesn’t mention having sex on camera in exchange for the fee. Not a bad deal.

So basically, a girl who’s been bouncing around in foster care forever finally got out of it and did what she could to get by, and that’s a bad thing? Eye-roll. She was eighteen, she consented to it, so if anyone has a problem with it, that’s their problem and not hers.

Melissa King Porno

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