Montana Fishburne is an idiot!

So Laurence Fishburne hired a private investigator to keep tabs on his daughter Montana Fishburne, the world’s dumbest pornstar. Unfortunately, she found out and decided to react in the most rational way possible: By pretending to drink bleach.

Sources tell us that last August, Montana’s dad, Laurence Fishburne, was so concerned about his daughter’s well-being that he had a private investigator follow her around. The investigator shot video of Montana drinking what appeared to be bleach. Turns out, Montana faked the whole thing. Sources say she found out a P.I. was videotaping her and drank the bleach “to put on a show.” SOURCE

Oh Montana … you’re a colossal idiot, you know that, right? Jesus, I’m not saying she went into porn doing every single thing wrong, but … actually, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Ugh, whatever bitch. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you are officially too stupid to do porn. And I’m pretty sure I’ve met a few pornstars that are legally braindead.

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