More claims that Kris Jenner is a bad mother …

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner

Did you know that vapid self-involved people don’t magically stop being vapid self-involved people the moment they have kids? I know, I’m amazed too. To prove that point, here’s a former nanny for the Kardashians telling RadarOnline that Kris Jenner is basically a complete failure as a mother who teases her daughters over their weight and made sure her kids grew up to be as materialistic and cut-throat as possible. In related news, the sky is blue, bacon is delicious and Elton John has a thing for dudes. Here’s a quick list of all the ways that their nanny accused Kris of being terrible …

Kris Jenner makes a mistake, blames it on other people:

“Kris gave me a shopping list and told me to go to the grocery store. When I got home, Kris said, ‘Where is the broccoli?’ I told her broccoli was not on the list. She immediately lost her temper, yelling, ‘I can’t f*cking believe you f*cking forgot the f*cking broccoli!:

Pam tells Star, “I was completely shocked. At that moment Bruce stuck his head out the door and said, ‘Kris, why are you talking to Pam like that?’ Kris just yelled, ‘Never mind – I’ll get the f*cking broccoli for you!’ Things were very awkward after that.”

Kris makes sure to tell Khloé Kardashian that she’s fat:

Another source told Star that Kris “would say things like, ‘You aren’t allowed to have cookies, Khloe. You are getting a little chubby.’ It definitely left a scar on Khloe’s psyche.”

Kris makes sure her kids never know the value of money:

Pam says Kris encouraged the girls to dress well, but that they would wear an outfit only once or twice before giving it away. “Kris liked to flaunt how much money they had,” Pam says.

So just in case you were wondering if the mother who allegedly orchestrated the release of her daughter’s sex tape, forced her family onto TV and went so far as to choreograph her daughter’s televised weddings is a good mother: Eh. Not so much.

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