more sightings on highland!

happy friday people – TGIF! i’m going to start off this morning with a small crazy random coincidence of sorts…so last night i went to the grocery store after work down by third & beverly (i so love that trader joes & ralphs corner – park & cross!) i was headed back on highland going north and i thought to myself (jokingly!) i wonder if i will see another celeb? since i just saw mr. matthew perry driving up highland on tuesday night…

so i was right around fountain again and driving in a BMW convertible i spot thaao penghlis who is most famous for his very evil & wicked count tony dimera character on my dear days of our lives and mr. penghlis is rumored possibly to be making a return to salem to shake things up – fingers crossed! and no – this time i didn’t feel like hollering out the window!

oh my word i thought – what are the chances of within a few days seeing two TV stars driving in the same spot – in nearly the very same car? gosh maybe those two are in cahoots – ha! it just tripped me out…yes i know it’s LA and all but still you’ve gotta admit it’s pretty random – so for all you angelenos out there keep your eyes peeled when driving on highland between fountain & sunset! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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