my guilty pleasure is starting over

ok so we all know i have many guilty pleasures when it comes to watching television – but i feel like this one for sure nabs the 2005 prize for being my biggest & most shameful guilty pleasure – it’s called starting over – it airs at noon on NBC here in LA (already in its third season) – it is a ‘daytime reality’ show that focuses on a bunch of women who are ‘starting over’ and coming to grips with a variety of mental & life hangups…the tagline says it all…Everyday women. Reinventing their lives. Together…under one roof.

since i walk home for lunch everyday (thank my lucky stars) – i would always catch the tail end of the show (since i like to arrive for lunch about 1245ish) – i would have to make sure the TV was on NBC to tivo ‘days of our lives’ at 1pm (sometimes my tivo has trouble changing the channel) – and so catching those last few minutes started peaking my interest…then i started watching a few times while i was sick – the whole entire hour – and now i am completely hooked – so i started tivoing starting over as well – so i can watch it while i eat my lunch – each woman has some sad ‘story’ as she comes to the house – each must figure out what is holding them back and set goals for themselves – if they succeed they are able to ‘graduate’ and leave the house…leaving room for another lady with another set of problems – my two fave roomates so far are TJ & lisa – i listed their issues below…both are quite messy…i swear sometimes my tastes veer into a real womanly realm but i swear if you start to watch this show – you will not be able to keep away – it’s like watching an accident – you just can’t help but look…anyways popbytes out for now…i shall return later tonight…xxoo

TJ – 38, Denver, CO

TJ seems to rub everyone the wrong way except her loving and supportive husband. She has no friends, no social life, and is filled with loneliness. She believes that the STARTING OVER house may be her last chance to learn how to control her impulses and connect with another human being. The question is: Can she meet her goal before she drives the other women in the house crazy?

TJ’s Goal – Learn to Connect

Give up Control, Face the Loneliness, Learn the do’s and don’ts of communication, Embrace intimacy


Lisa – 40, Miami, FL

Vivacious and spoiled, Lisa has been a party girl, living the high life on several continents courtesy of other people’s money. With her fortieth birthday, it became clear that her party is just about over. She wants to rely on her inner resources to change her life, but she is not sure that she has any. She hopes Starting Over will help her to make major changes; starting with redefining her symbiotic relationship with her over-indulgent parents.

Lisa’s Goal – Grow Up

Reality Check, Define Adulthood, Cut the Apron Strings, Walk without Crutches, Soar

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