my mom loved ‘war of the worlds’

oh my mom is so cute (and my editor – she catches spelling like a viper!) – she went solo (my dad wasn’t into it – although i think he would have liked it) to a 10am screening this morning of war of the worlds – and emailed me right away! she loved it – said cruise and fanning were superb – and the special effects were great and not to be missed! i’m oh so curious on the ending – i always hate happy endings since most things don’t end happy – but i trust spielberg to do the right thing – and some may say 10am is too early for a movie – my mom told me when i spoke to her – that people were totally chowing down on the concessions – i am so sorry but 10am is way way way too early for popcorn – don’t get me wrong i love popcorn but at 10am? and people wonder why america is so freakin’ fat? no harm intended at all – but like hello – no popcorn at 10am! anyways i fully intend to get my ass to the theater and catch this flick – and one more thing – can we all say that dakota fanning is so adorable and talented – she is so a reason to have children – oh gosh i would babysit her anytime! she is beyond words – what an old smart soul in a young body – moving on much love to my dear mom (aka pat) – she rocks! popbytes out xxoo!

ps ok yes we all like the old tom cruise better – but whatever he is hot as hell – and 5 million dollars for 5 years ain’t so bad – scientology (maybe ok if you have money – but if yr a peon don’t bother) – whatever – for now let’s just call it ‘playing along’ – you go katie! i would be jumping on couches if tom cruise were my boyfriend – are you jealous rob thomas? yes i am making vague references to that rumor floating OUT & about – carry on, carry on my pop friends…to be continued – oh yes!

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