my random nip/tuck moment!

oh you know it’s a good day when you run into a star from one of your favorite TV shows ever…well tonight i was kinda beat from the day and i had to pick up some propane for the small BBQ – i figured it would be easy to hop into anawalt lumber over on highland since afterward i could cut down to third and hit ralph’s & trader joes…

so there was barely anyone in the store and im there with my three small bottles of propane and john hensley from nip/tuck just walks up to the counter with his items (looked like potting soil or something like that) i was like oh my word! normally i wouldn’t say anything – i can keep my cool people BUT we are talking nip/tuck! so i was like ‘hey! i had to tell you that i just love nip/tuck’ – he was so friendly and very cool even introducing himself – he actually just came from shooting scenes for the upcoming 4th season!!!

i mentioned popbytes (of course) as well as super awesome willam belli who plays ‘cherry peck’ – by the end i was just tickled pink…he was beyond adorable in person and seemed to be a very chill down-to-earth kinda guy! i simply cannot wait for the new season to start! of course i will be blogging it up as we get closer to its september 19th premiere and the third season DVD arrives august 29th! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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