Nathan Fillion won’t be part of ‘The Avengers’

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion

Like all internet nerds, I love Nathan Fillion with a white hot-passion and want to dirty-but-not-too-dirty-maybe-some-PG-13-hand-stuff-or-maybe-mouth-stuff-depending-on-the-energy-at-the-time things with him. (That’s not weird at all.) Anyway, despite our nerd love, Hollywood does not appreciate the Fillion, which is why even he admits he’ll never be in The Avengers sequel, even though he should. DigitalSpy reports:

Fillion said of his potential involvement in The Avengers 2: “I have to be honest. The entertainment industry is an industry. I love telling stories but finance does meet art. If I were in charge of an Avengers sequel I would be very concerned about what kind of money I could make back overseas, and these kinds of things. “I’m not quite at that level yet where I could just be plopped in there but I’m getting there.” He added: “I’ve had more than my fair share of Joss Whedon projects. I find it very difficult, even being the selfish kind of guy I am, to say ‘give me more’.”

In all fairness, Chris Hemsworth wasn’t exactly the most well-known actor before Thor. Actually, the dude was on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars. Seriously. Thor. Dancing. So honestly, if this guy could be in The Avengers, so could Captain Tightpants (the hammer is his penis).

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