new fun movie trailers!

hey hey! it was so gray all day – it was kinda depressing – i managed to make it over to the farmer’s market (3rd/fairfax) for some lunch – that place is always so crazy – the parking is an absolute nightmare – one time i just sat and waited for like 20 minutes for someone to leave – and then some bitch tried to claim the spot after all my waiting…i verbally ripped her to shreds & managed to secure the spot – do not go there if you are stressed – today i got lucky right away – so no worries on that front! phew!

perhaps tomorrow i will get around to seeing king kong i haven’t heard a bad thing about it but coming in at 3 hrs & 7 mins it is a big commitment for sure – tonight i am looking forward to the new saturday night live and i just caught myself up with some of the latest movie trailers to hit the web – i could watch trailers all day & all night! so check out the three below – all look incredible! rock on – popbytes out for now…xxoo


so can someone tell me why did they do that TV remake of the old 70’s film just a few weeks ago when this would be hitting theaters? this remake looks amazing – that recent TV version was pure crap – plus this version comes from awesome director wolfgang petersen – i am so pumped for this! and it stars my hottie josh lucas amongst others…check it here

the davinci code

shame on me for not reading the hugely popular dan brown book this is based on – i guess now i don’t have too…tom hanks stars – and i really don’t know the story but this looks quite intriguing! plus anything that mildly messes with religion in my book is a must see…i swear as non-religious as i am – i find the concept so darn fascinating bundled with all the psychology behind it – i should just read the book before i see this movie – the books are always better! get a sneak peak of the movie here

v for vendetta

star natalie portman looks so damn sexy with her shaved head – i think more girls should do this style – it always looks so cool! this is the latest flick from those wachowski brothers (andy + larry) known for being the guys behind the matrix trilogy – i hope they make it up to all of us for those last two matrix movies – the first one held such promise…anyways check out all the cool stuff at the website – i love all the graphic design!

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