new george michael drug scandal!

oh my word it’s been a slow sunday and then this happens! one of my favorite singers george michael (now age 42) really hasn’t been able to keep his shit together for sometime now – he is so darned messy – this late breaking story sounds simply horrifying – being found slumped unconscious in your car from doing too many drugs just isn’t good – especially when your famous – oh my george when will you ever learn??? and i don’t think that a new friendship with even messier brit guy boy george is needed…oh people keep these two very far apart! popbytes over and out for now…xxoo!

The singer George Michael has been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs after being found slumped at the wheel of a car in central London.

The 42-year-old was discovered by a passer-by early on Sunday morning in Hyde Park Corner, who called the emergency services.

Michael was checked by paramedics who arrived at a street near the busy roundabout with the police, but the singer, who has a history of depression, did not need hospital treatment.

Police then searched the singer and allegedly discovered two forms of Class C drug – believed to be Cannabis and GHB, a type of liquid cannabis. He was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled drug. READ MORE…

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