new mashup! britney vs. the knack

hey girls & boys! as promised here is the second week of mashups here on popbytes – this time around it’s britney spears vs. the knack with my sharona aka my britney…enjoy! many thanks again to DJ paul v. – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

My name’s DJ Paul V., and
you might know me from my various queer club events in LA (Dragstrip 66
& Bootie LA at The Echo), or from Indie 103.1 FM. Over the past year and
half, I’ve been the guy presenting mashup & bootleg tracks from all over
the world there with the Mashup of the Day. And that led to my weekly
DJ mix, The Smash Mix – every Friday @ 5:30pm.

The week, we ask – what’s more toxic? When your should-be-sweeping-floors husband attempts a rap career? Or, when ‘the baby falls out of the high-chair’ and fractures its poor little skull? Either way – Miss Britney needs something to take her mind off such nasty tabloid fodder…right? Thus we present Britney Spears vs. The Knack!

“My Britney” – created by the fabulous/prolific DJ Tripp up in San Francisco. Let’s just hope that nanny puts little Sean Preston down before she starts dancing!

– DJ Paul V. (

» Listen to britney spears vs. the knack (.mp3 4.8mb) «