nick lachey’s new single!

hey hey everyone – this just in from the good people over at AOL Music – i so can’t believe that the title of his nick lachey‘s new song is what’s left of me – oh my word! i wonder what ms. jessica will think – i am not really a fan of nick’s music attempts but i for sure want to hear what he thinks is left of him…for one thing he still looks good – he is a total hottie – anyways popytes out for now…xxoo


Exclusive FIRST LISTEN World Premiere of Nick Lachey’s NEW song — “What’s Left Of Me”

AOL Music has teamed with Nick Lachey to exclusively debut his new single “What’s Left Of Me”
Beginning Friday, February 3rd at 12:01 am ET you can listen to the emotional, heartfelt ballad on demand!

It’s exclusively on AOL Music for 3 days!

As with most of my music- the inspiration is my life…The beauty of music is interpretation. I’ll let everyone draw their own conclusions, states Lachey of his inspiration for the ballad in his AIM Interview- also launching tomorrow.

Is the song Nick’s response to his recent personal situations? You can decide.

The song will be available at 12:01 am from his artist page on AOL…



Watched my life pass me by

in the rearview mirror

Pictures frozen in time

are becoming clearer

I don’t wanna waste another day

Stuck in the shadow of my mistakes


’cause I want you

and I feel you

crawling underneath my skin

like a hunger

like a burning

to find the place I’ve never been

now I’m broken

and I’m fading

I’m half the man I thought I would be

You can have

What’s left of me

read the rest of the sad lyrics…

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