nicky hilton & her little man

hey everybody! ah the weekend is finally here! so i came across this pic of that lady heiress nicky hilton with her oh so darn tiny boyfriend entourage’s kevin connolly – they are so odd together…i am surprised it has lasted as long as it has! nicky must be the more mentally stable sister…i feel like kevin is like 15 years old and his mom made him pose with the hot girl across the street who is headed to her senior prom (kevin why don’t you take a picture with that nice (and filthy rich) nicky girl…) – this small scene took place at the recent las vegas unveiling of nicky’s new clothing line (called ‘nicky hilton beverly hills’ the sequel to her first line ‘chick’) i’m sure it’s really classy stuff (crap) you totally need to run out and buy yourself some!

so now i am relaxing and just letting all this week’s gossip leave my brain for a bit…by the end o’ the week you just gotta wash all the pop dirt off ya – i will be checking in tomorrow – no worries! popbytes over & out – xxoo!


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