Nicole Kidman got mowed down by a bike

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

I’m pretty sure one of the first things they teach you when riding a bike is to not ride it on the sidewalk so that you don’t accidentally mow down pedestrians like an a-hole. Apparently, photographer Carl Wu never learned this, because while trying to snap pictures of actress Nicole Kidman from his bike, he ended up ramming right into her. According to TMZ

TMZ has obtained video of a paparazzo on an out-of-control bicycle Thursday … careening into Nicole Kidman and knocking her flat on her butt — and he was going FAST. You see photog Carl Wu trying in vain to stop as he careened into Nicole outside the Carlyle Hotel in NYC. You also hear Nicole screaming about pressing charges, and Carl profusely apologizing. FYI, Carl wasn’t arrested because cops said it was just an accident — but he was cited for riding his bike on a sidewalk. WATCH THE VIDEO

If I’m reading this correctly, your dumbass can ride around on the sidewalk while taking pictures and then smash into a complete stranger, and the cops will let you go as long as it was an accident? Because I’m pretty sure that’s really f**king stupid. I’m normally pretty okay with the paparazzi, but it’s sh!t like this that makes me think it’s perfectly okay to write a law making it legal to back-hand a photographer if he crosses the threshold of stupid.

Nicole Kidman

As Nicole Kidman walked back into her New York hotel after attending the Calvin Klein Fashion Show on September 12, 2013, she was knocked to the ground by an overly eager photographer on a bicycle, losing her heels in the process. The photog was racing on his bike to get to the hotel and shoot pics of her arrival there but lost control in the process, swerving into Kidman, causing both of them to fall. Pictures capture the tense moments after the accident, where assistants lifted Kidman to her feet and helped her as she put her heels back on before she was quickly ushered inside. The embarrassed photog lay stunned on the ground as hotel staff tried to assess the awkward situation.


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