nicole richie should be on soaps

hello hello hello (yes i’m channeling valerie cherish tonight!) so i was reading this article in this week’s STAR magazine (this marks the last tabloid post until next week) and they’re trying to warn nicole richie that her boyfriend joel madden could be a ‘rageaholic’ (yikes!) the story about mr. madden knocking down a lady photog got me thinking that ms. richie would make the perfect character on a soap opera (i’m also catching up on days of our lives as i write this post…)

she always seems to be on one big dramatic rollercoaster ride – a heroin habit – a shrinking weight battle (which thankfully seems to be heading in the right direction) – her on & off times with ex-fiance dj am & BFF paris hilton! oh yeah she has also had a few run-ins with the law and might even eventually face jail time and right now she’s all wrapped up (maybe engaged) with an inked (but cute) rocker who not too long ago came out of a two & a half year relationship with teen queen hilary duff (i’m actually really curious to hear ms. duff’s new dignity album! don’t ask me why – i don’t know!)

then today i was reading that now she may be addicted to attention deficit disorder pills – heck with all that goes on with her i’d have a little ADD too! i’m sure she’ll be able to weather any current or future storms – if i had to save either paris or nicole from a burning building – i would totally go get nicole! i do wish she’d get her album together – i loved the song dandelion (have a listen) which flew around online about a year ago! tonight i nominate nicole to go get a job on a soap opera (maybe helping to bring some ratings where they’re desperately needed) or at the very least have a character based on herself – she’d fit in perfectly! popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo! (woo hoo…tomorrow is friday!)

sources tell star the good charlotte front man, 28, has such a temper that he’s under investigation by the beverly hills police department for reportedly hitting two photographers outside of tony mr. chow restaurant in l.a. on march 4. “he hit [photographer] jody [santos] in her breast area, and that is completely unacceptable,” says videographer perry farinola, who plans on filing a police report after also being violently shoved by joel that night.

this isn’t the first time joel reportedly displayed his short fuse. he is said to have gotten into fights with crazy town’s front man, shifty shellshock, and with another videographer, josh levine. in fact, his hot temper was one of the reasons singer hilary duff, 19, dumped him, a source tells star.

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