nicole richie’s simple life

hey hey! so this sunday (june 4th) is the premiere of the latest season of the simple life (this time on E!) with former BFF nicole richie and paris hilton – it will be very interesting to see how the show gels with each gal off doing their own separate dizzy domestic adventures…i am for sure more looking forward to seeing nicole’s bit – i am so over paris at the moment! i bet many of you are too…she has so much chatter going on about her dumb ass album – it’s like for fucks sake just release it already!!!

gosh there are so many rumors & fabricated press (a gnarls barkley cover? a reggae vibe?) at this point i don’t even know where the album stands except in limbo! it may release this summer on her own label ‘heiress records’ (part of warner bros) all this being delayed time & time again is a definite sign that it must totally suck through & through or it would have been out already…when it finally sees the light of day i suspect its release will be highly anti-climatic…

just have a listen to nicole richie’s dandelion which i posted a few months back (thanks tabloid whore) much better than the small samples i have heard from ms. hilton…popbytes over & out on a friday night – i am so hitting the beach tomorrow – it’s supposed to be in the 90s here! rock & blog on – xxoo!

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