nightmares & dreamscapes!

hey hey! who doesn’t love a good anthology? tonight marks the premiere of TNT’s nightmares & dreamscapes…a four week television event that features eight short stories from horror & suspense mastermind author stephen king – i luckily was able to preview most of the tales already and i found them all to be quirky, offbeat, served with a large side of creepiness – plus the cast is quite killer including jeremy sisto, bill macy, steven weber, samantha mathis, and claire forlani to mention just a few…the first story up tonight (presented commercial-free) is called battleground and stars the awesome william hurt as a hitman who ends up bumping off the wrong person who exacts their revenge from beyond…make sure to check this out tonight & do stop in at the website where you can analyze your own dreams and play a couple of fun little games – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

In Battleground, Hurt plays a hired assassin whose latest target is a toy company owner played by Australian character actor Bruce Spence (The Road Warrior, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King). After successfully dispatching his victim, Hurt returns to his luxurious apartment only to be greeted by a mysterious package of toy soldiers. But these soldiers have something far worse than simple war games in mind. This unique adaptation of the King story from the 1978 anthology Nightshift is told without any spoken dialogue.

Crouch End tells the tale of a young American couple honeymooning in London. When they receive a call from a friend inviting them to dinner, they set out in a cab to find their friend’s house in an area known as Crouch End, which many years earlier had suffered an “underground tragedy,” which their cab driver describes as a rift between two dimensions. After being abandoned in Crouch End, the two find themselves trapped in an alternate world where evil rules supreme.

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