nip/tuck premiere…what did i think?

oh i think i built myself up (as per usual) and i hate to admit it but popbytes was a drop disappointed last night with the 4th season premiere of nip/tuck! it’s always been a way over the top show but last night everyone seemed to be trying extra hard (the music was top-notch though as always!)

the whole ‘christian’ threesome with a mother & her daughter was just stupid (and not to mention a little gross) i’ll say the guest characters were good – especially kathleen turner…even though the episode was named after her character (‘cindy plumb’ – she’ll make you cum) her part was so small! larry hagman was a hoot but his wife (played by the super sexy sanaa latha) was an odd character – when ‘dr. troy’ was replacing her husband’s balls (making ’em bigger – kiwi size to be exact) i swear i thought she was going to put her finger between her legs…that scene when she watched the surgery was so strange and dumb! i wonder how her character will work her way into this season (besides buying their practice)

then when ‘dr. troy’ went ahead and banged his shrink (played by brooke shields) i was like whatever – does everyone just spread their legs for him?!? (ok i guess that’s a dumb question – he’s hot as hell!) but when she said in the beginning that she wasn’t into him i thought at least they’re going to do something different with her character but there she was at the end – bent over her desk with patients waiting while she took a pounding!

finally don’t even get me started on ‘sean’ and ‘julia’…they’ve both turned into soapy messes – boring! of course i’m going to be watching religiously this season but i guess i was just expecting more of a bang (gosh where is that ‘cherry peck’ when you need her?) you can read a recap of the episode over on socialite life and check out some more thoughts on pop candy…popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

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