nip/tuck goes gray tonight!

good morning everyone! so tonight is the 11th episode of the 4th season of nip/tuck (there’ll be 16 episodes in all) and this evening the cast heads to the year 2026 for a look twenty years into the future…julian macmahon & dylan walsh plus the rest of the cast get their gray & wrinkles on! i do like these ‘fantasy/future’ type episodes but usually they feel more like a novelty than actually helping to serve the plotline…but it also looks like this could be julia’s (played by joely richardson) last episode as she decides to leave dr. sean and take the kids annie & baby connor with her as she heads to NYC!

i totally understand why ms. richardson decided to leave the show (her teenage daughter daisy has to undergo a series of surgeries in her legs for poor circulation) but i really love the character of julia so i hope the series can successfully move the plot along without her presence – only five more episodes left this season! i hope this season goes out with a bang this year – and maybe we’ll get lucky and see julia sometime again! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

Conor McNamara, 2026 In the year 2026, Conor attempts to mend his emotional wounds through a gathering of his entire family; in the present day, Julia accepts that fact that happiness means being on her own.

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