No, Justin Timberlake isn’t working on a new album

Justin Timberlake

So somewhere on the internet, someone was freaking out about how Justin Timberlake was making a new album, and I was just sort of like “… eh. That’s nice.” I mean, Justin makes music that I know is good, but I just … I don’t know, it’s weird. I can hear it, and it sounds like good music, but I just can’t get it up for JT. Anyway, turns out he’s not making a new album, which is a shame but not really a huge loss for me. From Entertainment Weekly

It’s a busy life, which is why our eyebrows raised when we saw these quotes from a producer named Jim Beanz, who claims to be working with Timberlake on a series of songs for a “crazy” new album. Considering JT’s stature and the types of people he has worked with in the past, why would he hook up with a dude nobody has ever heard of? It turns out… He wouldn’t. According to Timberlake’s publicist, there are currently no plans for a new album, though JT is working with Timbaland on tracks for Shock Value 3 (he appeared on each of the first two installments of the series).
But as for other music, “That’s it,” said the spokesperson.

Awwww, that kind of sucks I guess. I mean, if you’re really into that sort of thing … I dunno. Crap, I’m so bored of this I can’t even think of something funny to say. Ummmm, how about this: “Need a new album? (V)(;,,;)(V) Why not Zoidberg’s?” Get it? Because that’s a meme, and that emoticon sort of looks … like… Zoidberg … screw it, it’s way too hot out to pretend I care about this.

Justin Timberlake

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