No one likes Chris Brown!

Chris Brown

Shockingly, Chris Brown somehow made it through an entire TV appearance on Dancing with the Stars last night without ripping off his shirt or throwing a chair. Despite this incredibly display of restraint, no one on the show wanted to be around him, to the point where pretty much the entire cast went out of their way to avoid him.

“As a victim of domestic violence, I don’t agree with him coming on the show, but it’s out of my control,” Cheryl said following Chris’ performance. Wendy has been vocal about her dislike for Chris ever since his bloody attack on then-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009. After his GMA blowup, she said on her talk show that she was “disgusted with this little boy.” So you can imagine when the singer showed up to rehearse and perform for millions on Dancing, the backstage love wasn’t there.

“Usually when a big star comes in to sing, the entire cast is excited to meet them and spend the day together at rehearsals,” a Dancing insider tells me. “With Chris, no one wanted to be around when he rehearsed.”

In particular, my source observed that “Kirstie wanted to spend as little time as possible around him. It was hard enough for her to be in the same building as him.” SOURCE

You know, in the middle of my rampant disdain for Chris, it’s sometimes important to remind us just how fucking destructive domestic abuse can be, and worse, the fact that he has absolutely no remorse over it. Seriously, it’s bad enough he refuses to apologize and shirks responsibility constantly, but it’s gotten to the point where if you dare call him on it, he will freak out and call you a hater. I’m not saying that as a society, we’re doomed, but I’d stock up on bottled water if I were you.

Chris Brown

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