‘north country’ is excellent!

hey y’all – so last night i made it to an ‘advanced’ screening of north country which hits a theater by you this friday – starring lovely charlize theron – along with woody harrelson, frances mcdormand, sissy spacek, and richard jenkins (the dad from our dearly departed six feet under) – the film is based on a true story – all about the first class action sexual harassment lawsuit that took place during 1989 up in the heavily male dominated world of the iron mines located up in the ‘north country’ of minnesota

theron plays josey aimes – and gosh was she excellent – i really admire her choice of roles – and she shines as a single mother of two kids trying to keep it all together – who dares to go against the grain and stand-up for what is right and fair (popbytes wouldn’t last but all of two minutes in those mines!) – the crap the male miners put the ladies through is disgusting – i couldn’t believe some of the shit they pulled – but josey sure shows them in the end – a landmark decision that helped to enact much needed sexual harrasment policies in all sectors of US business

mcdormand was also excellent and i think i smell oscar for her – and jenkins as josey’s father – he was amazing – his character comes full circle in the movie and he shines at doing it – in addition to an already stellar cast we get woody harrelson who has been absent for a bit of time and he returns with an excellent role and reminded me of what a good actor he really is – even though the film mainly focuses on josey’s plight – there are a bunch of great subplots included in the movie – it was very tight overall – and i highly recommend it – kudos to director niki caro (whalerider) – she so captured something with this film – it’s gorgeous and quite powerful – and seeing acting veteran sissy spacek up on the silver screen is reason enough to see this film – popbytes over & out…for now…xxoo

PS also check out organization www.participate.net/standup which is ‘a campaign to end sexual harrassment and domestic violence’

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