NOW OPEN: Dark Harbor 2018 @ The Queen Mary


It’s that time of year again for all things spooky to come out of the woodwork! For the third year in a row I was invited to the opening night of Dark Harbor held at Long Beach’s infamous haunted ship, the Queen Mary! This year all six mazes (Lullaby, Intrepid and B340 were my favorites) were as thrilling as ever, including three that are on the ship itself, you simply can’t get a spookier location to be terrified in as you run around in the dark! Besides the mazes there’s a few other things to check out including a 4D movie, the sinister swings (direct from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, and an ice bar serving up some of the best tasting vodka I’ve had! Dark Harbor is open now through November 2nd—if you’re looking for an authentically chilling excursion, consider climbing aboard the Queen Mary this Halloween season!

As Dark Harbor descends upon the haunted Queen Mary in 2018, a leader has emerged from the darkness to inflict her will upon her evil cohorts and those that dare enter our gates in the port of Long Beach. The Ringmaster’s corrupt control of over 200 heinous monsters has dragged our six terrifying mazes further into the depths of decay, promising the most intense season of LA County’s most authentic Halloween attraction. You’ll have 23 nights of terror from September 27 – November 2 to brave new paths and secret rooms, nightly live entertainment, haunted bars and exciting rides with tickets starting at just $20!

Dark Harbor 2018

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