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Machine Gun Preacher

This weekend I’m going to take myself to the movies to see Machine Gun Preacher (starring hottie Gerard Butler), which is based on a true story of an American ex-con who ends up saving the lives of hundreds of orphans in war-torn Sudan. I’ve actually heard great things about the film (and Mr. Butler’s performance), plus the good people over at Virgin Mobile are donating four water wells to aid the current situation in Sudan, helping to provide access to clean and safe water. If you pledge to see the movie by October 2nd, your name will be engraved on one of the wells, head over to their Facebook page for more info!

In the spirit of the movie Machine Gun Preacher, which tells the true story of an American ex-con who saves the lives of hundreds of orphaned children in war-torn Sudan, Virgin Mobile is donating four water wells to help orphans in Sudan have access to clean, safe water.

Visit Facebook to sign-up and pledge to see the movie. Everyone who signs up will have their name engraved on a well donated by Virgin Mobile to recognize their support of this cause. Then watch and share the Machine Gun Preacher trailer with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Machine Gun Preacher

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