now what – lisa marie presley

oh it’s a lisa marie media blitz! and popbytes is full in the mix – the super hot ‘cool as ice’ lady was on my gal oprah (and again tomorrow with mom diva priscilla) and she has a new album that comes out next week entitled now what! and the topping on the cake is – her first single dirty laundry – is the song that has been featured in the latest promos for desperate housewives (which i loved and didn’t know it was her!) – and then get this – george michael also sings a small bit in the song – it was just almost orgasmic – first she is on oprah – second she has a new album coming out (her first one kicked ass) – third it was featured for the ‘housewives’ – fourth my fave george michael has a small bit on her first single fifth – again on oprah – with her mom – and she will sing – can you get more excited/and or pumped? i’m sure some of you must think me freaky (mom?) – but dudes she rocks – she is rock & roll royalty – she has had her ups and many downs – and now i think she has really come out on her own and been able to claim something for herself – you go lisa marie – i included the cover of her album below – just because she looks great – the single rocks – and i expect the album to be awesome – popbytes out and stoked! xxoo

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