Obama/Rock 2012!

Barack Obama and Dwayne Johnson

Considering that Republicans are currently deciding between the rather level-headed Mormon and the crazy, cock-eating,  gay-bashing lady with the gay husband (and for some reason are siding with the crazy one), Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson decided that screw it, he’d make a pretty good president.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says he’s a HUGE Barack Obama supporter, but he’d still give the chief executive a run for his money — claiming, “I’d make a DAMN good president.” SOURCE

Okay, so maybe the guy who made The Tooth Fairy might not be such a great pick for president, but here’s my negotiation: Dwayne Johnson for Vice President. I mean think about it, the VP doesn’t really do all that much anyway, as long as you don’t count “casting the tie-breaking vote in the senate” a thing, although now that I think about it, hitting someone with a metal chair would really crank up C-Span’s numbers. Also, the Obama/Rock ticket can run on the fact that they’re the only pair in electoral history to look good with their shirts off!

Barack Obama and Dwayne Johnson

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