Octomom’s baby-hating rant: Now with audio!

Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman

Remember how Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman said that she hated her kids and her baby disgusted her, only to turn around and claim that she never said anything like that? Well, actually, the audio from that interview has hit the web, and it turns out she totally did. On a side note, her mother of the year award is currently in the mail. Make sure you polish it all the time!

Excerpts of the interview were originally published last month by InTouch magazine — via a freelance reporter — but Nadya Suleman has flat out DENIED ever making the statements, telling TMZ, every single quote that was attributed to her from the interview is false. But it’s clear as day in the audio recording — Octomom states, “Whenever I hear a baby cry, I cringe. I do not like babies.” Nadya continues, “I am absolutely disgusted by babies. They make me sick … I don’t even look at them. I have to look away.” SOURCE

[audio: https://www.popbytes.com/audio/071811_octomom_audio_1-2.mp3]

So basically, she hates babies, so she decided to have fourteen of them. Which is sort of like how I have a fear of spiders, so I decided to go out and buy 50 tarantulas and set them free in my apartment. So congratulations, Octomom: You brought fourteen kids into the world despite not planning to raise a single one of them and instead would rather sit home resenting the hell out of them because it turns out having too many kids does not automatically net you fame and fortune.

Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman

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