gosh this was the BEST! im strolling home down hollywood blvd with one of the coolest chicks ever – HEY CATHY! and im walking since i ceased driving to work – i got over the whole i dont have my car freak out that would only happen in LA – so anyways – we spy a crowd gathering – and before you know it we race to the elevator to the third floor – and we hear – janet is REHEARSING for tomorrow – ok so we see janet looking stunningly casual in a pair of jeans (DIESEL perhaps?) and cute brown sweater – with a kinda cap leather hat on – shes just chilling doing her thing – and there seacrest is – in full view! ok so at this point cathy makes a call – she should dash around and see if we can snag a spot on the less crowded 4th floor – i save our spot on 3 – and before you know it cathy is whistling to me to come up – i am in a flash – a mere instant on the 4th floor – with a complete unobstructed view! – the song starts – and janet does the whole song ALL NITE – she doesnt sing – but goes thru all the moves with about 12 dancers! it was phenomenal – and actually it RAINED in LA today (can you fucking believe this shit?) so it was kinda wet – a perfect setting for me finally to lay my eyes on an idol of mine for as long as i can remember! ryan then makes his announcement to come back tomorrow for janet – i scream I LOVE YOU! this is for both janet and ryan (gosh he is too adorable – where can i get my ryan seacrest doll) – and on top of all this TORI AMOS is playing in the studio on monday – i dont how but i will find my way to be there – i must! you all know i have that tori chip implanted in my brain – she is goddess of all! ok see pics below from my sprint celly –

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