oh beyonce! GQ & the golden globes…

hey hey boys & girls! gosh last night was one of those horrible nights for me – i really felt crappy but i didn’t want to stop my live blogging – i feel like the post was kinda weak and could’ve been way better but everyone seems to be enjoying it – and overall the show was a total bore – so i did what i could! (live blogging while feeling sick is so not fun – trust me!) i promise to do a much more complete job when the oscars come around on feb 25th! as soon as the globes ended i raced straight to my bed and wrapped myself up and slept for like twelve hours straight – i called out sick today from work – i had to make sure i was feeling 100% for tonight’s JT concert! luckily i’m all rested and ready for the big show! (yes popbytes is a little over hyped for justin…)

anyways i had to mention beyonce today…poor thing got shut out out last night from winning best actress (comedy/musical) by meryl streep (gosh she’s so fucking cool & talented – i adored her acceptance speech) and then two of her co-stars (jennifer hudson & eddie murphy) each walked off with a globe plus dreamgirls scored best comedy/musical! it doesn’t surprise me ms. knowles didn’t win – hudson and murphy totally deserved to win – i know she’s being all graceful & sweet but i had visions in my head last night of beyonce ripping off that gold dress at the end of the night and being all ‘when is it going to be my turn?!?’

just to make her feel a little better i’m posting these sexy shots of her in the february UK issue of GQ magazine – she looks hot but some of those quotes are a little ridiculous (i sing real strong,i dance real wild…oh lordy!) but i still love my gal B and i wouldn’t mind seeing her get an oscar nod but my gut feeling is that she won’t – we’ll find out soon though as the nominations will be announced one week from today on jan 23rd! i’ll check you all later (i’ll do my best to try & do a small justin post when i get home) popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

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