ok who saw the diane sawyer interview?!? she seems ok – i would love to know all the juicy details of her and the j-man – i bet she loathes cameron d – that is if they are still together

the CD is OK – its good some nice tracks – but it feels disjointed and mismatched – by far the best song is the one making the rounds now with madonna…


monday – she goes to costco – how fun! – tuesday – julia roberts swings by to talk about hubby danny – and her new flick MONA LISA SMILES –


dont tape it ever – poor thing – oh well – im sure she will be fine – cant wait to see A SIMPLE LIFE where her and gal pal nicole richie – rough it on some type of farm – and lots of townies…


huge thumbs up for the double disc recently put out by this duo – very fun and cool


its coming tuesday – this is going to be a good one – TALES OF THE LIBRARIAN – a greatest hits of sorts – if you havent heard her – now is the time…


shes coming out with a new one too – i have ALWAYS like her – think of SHE BOP and GOONIES – she rules in all ways!

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