oh i love that whitney!

oh folks – my lady is back – i didnt even know (if you can belive that) whitney was to appear on last nights world music awards – so its like 1040 – i stopped watching amish in the city (which ends next week!) and boom -there is whitney in the middle of her i will always love you i leapt from my chair – i was so energized and when that big break came where she does her big ‘and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ – she paused for a long time – the crowd was at its feet – clive davis was there cheering her on – and boom – i jump as she belts out her last few notes – and what a few notes they were – she is the best – and i was overjoyed to see the reception she garnered!

celine dion was in the middle of speech backstage and she had to turn whitney up – and sit down and watch – and guess who she watched with – my goddess – courtney love and next to her was classical crooner josh groban oh whitney, celine and courtey all in one night is orgasmic! whitney – i love you – and i know you will be back and back for good – you kick everyone’s ass – you rule! and popbytes loves you now and forever!

few other items of interest

Olsen twins promote McDonald’s meals

ok this is too good – read and weep – and my folks just left for france – and i would have loved to assign my mom to picking up one of their happy meals – oh the irony!

the latest edition of ‘you didnt hear it from me…’ should be out soon – god bless that nikkib – im sure all is ok and she is busy scouring for the latest celeb gossip for all you junkies out there! so stay tuned – popbytes is about to have something big happen and im dying to share it all with you – so really stay tuned – keep coming back – and send popbytes to everyone you know! popbytes out!

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