oh i went ahead and did something crazy!

well not crazy like britney spears who encountered even more drama today when she was slapped with hit & run charges! anyways last night i was a bit stressed out from probably keeping myself too busy all the time (that’s another whole story) i sat down and had a few glasses of red wine – before you know it – i was up at the computer…on ticketmaster’s website! i had been going back & forth whether i actually wanted to experience jennifer lopez & marc anthony in concert or not next month when their combined headliner tour hits los angeles!

i checked for a single ticket – lo & behold there was a floor seat still left and for $100 bucks – i thought why the hell not?!? so yes i’m going to see la lopez (who – surprise surprise – is a demanding diva!) on oct 19th at staples center – i totally shock myself sometimes! i can’t think of anybody else who i’ve been so up & down on – i used to love ‘jenny from the block’- then i couldn’t stand her but she eventually started keeping a lower profile and slowly has inched back into my good graces! i still can’t stand mr. anthony – most likely i’ll probably skip the first part of the show – i don’t think i can bear seeing him perform!

i don’t have major expectations for the show – it won’t be the best thing ever but will be a completely guilty pleasure as she rips through hits like ‘waiting for tonight’ & ‘ain’t it funny’ (probably my top lopez song) plus i’m looking forward to her upcoming album brave which i do have high hopes for! october is going to be a busy month – besides jennifer & marc – i’v got pj harvey – and possibly rihanna & annie lennox – oh i do love going to shows – next week i’m going to see james blunt who i adore! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo! (btw the picture below was taken on sept 20th over in jolly ol’ london!)

PS when i woke up this morning – i was all ‘did i buy a ticket to see jennifer lopez last night?!?’ the lesson learned here is don’t drink & surf ticketmaster – but i’m oh so happy to have secured the ticket!

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