Oh Joy, Tila Tequila Isn’t Dead Yet

Did you almost forget about Tila Tequila? No? Because you didn’t even remember her to begin with? Lucky bastard. Anyway, it seems Tila has come out from underneath her bridge, and not just because someone didn’t answer her questions three (First rule of trolls, people!) It turns out, she’s being sued for emotional and physical distress, because lets face it, she’s not doing anything else.

As part of his cross-complaint, [Garry] Sun exposed comments Tila had allegedly made on her personal website where she called him “pathetic,” said he has a “dangerous fatal attraction” with her and is a “creepy paparazzi.”
Sunn is without attorney and is representing himself in the lawsuit, citing he “suffered humiliation, mental anguish, emotional and physical distress, anxiety, and has been injured in the mind and body.” SOURCE

… Which is pretty much par for the course when you have sex with Tila. Let’s face it here, Tila’s vagina is pretty much like the Pharaoh’s tomb: Dark, sandy, smells vaguely of death and decay, and no one has ever really emerged alive from it.

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