oh mandy j you finally shined!

oh what a night it has been – thank the lord he did not sleep with trish! and i loved how mandy j bloomed after the whole incident wnet down (alebit after a few glasses of el vino – you go girl!) here is the quick rundown in short – its late!

trish has a set of balls bigger than jessie

nice trish pull that keycard out of yr sweaty tit soaked bra!

mandy j – you came alive tonight – it was just too late

forgive me wash dc – altho i hate politcs -they are all crooks – but i do love me some bill and hillary – poltical superstars – i so would love a reality show of them! but anyway that view of dc was actually romantic

trish – go to sleep lady – jessie isnt coming – he had to sample the three blondes – go see a therapist in manhattan – yr a true nyc bitch – and i actually do say that with great respect – nyc rocks – right along with la –

and in three weeks abc is pulling out the ultimate love test and dudes i swear im fucking psychic yr all testament – in a prev posting this very fated wild evening – i did mention captain and tenille – love will keep us together and you know what the song was played over this new promo – take a wild guess – i will i will i will – rock on captain – sing like a ladybird tenille – love will keep us together – why cant we all just get along! much love – popbytes out (thank you ryan)

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