oh more legal stuff on jolie-pitt pics

oh here we go again…the pics are on tons of sites now…i am surprised they are going after people again…i mean the magazines are gonna be selling like hotcakes and will be plastered everywhere so i am pretty shocked they are requesting again to remove the pictures…especially since people magazine posted the cover on its website…i knew why they would have warned before they really hit but now it all seems a little after the fact…bloggers be warned – oh good times!

I am an attorney for Time Inc., the corporate publisher of PEOPLE
Magazine. PEOPLE Magazine has purchased exclusive North American rights
to the only photographs which have been taken to date of Angelina Jolie
and Brad Pitt and their newborn baby girl, Shiloh Nouvel. A website
hosted by your organization, popbytes.com, has posted three of these
photographs that appear in PEOPLE Magazine in violation of PEOPLE
Magazine’s exclusive rights and copyrights (see https://www.popbytes.com/).
Popbytes’s posting of these photographs from PEOPLE Magazine is a clear
violation of the U.S. Copyright Act.

» find more pictures of angelina, brad, and shiloh here & here

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